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Finally!  The 'manual' you always wanted but couldn't find until now!   For anyone pursuing a professional path in the world of cabaret, this course is a must!  [Click here to see what people are saying.]

  • Learn from premier cabaret artist and coach, Hilary Ann Feldman.

  • Take class from anywhere!  Weekly classes conducted live online.

  • Live classes recorded so you can watch what you miss or go back and review.

  • Post questions and get feedback between classes, via a private Facebook group.

  • Network with other artists from across the country.

  • Come away with templates for many of the materials your career requires.

  • Alumni group membership for continued support/feedback when class is over.

  • Includes additional one-on-one coaching session with Hilary.



Mondays, May 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30 (7:00 - 8:30p CST)

For the artist with a few shows under their belt, who is ready to

take things to the next level.  Learn:

  • How to create shows that sell to presenters

  • Venue options

  • How to research and track venues

  • The makings of must-have marketing materials & how to use them

  • The marketing and booking processes

  • Different types of contracts, tech riders

  • How to negotiate your fee

  • Publicity and show promotion

  • Technical aspects

  • Continuing Education

Level 2 - $439

(Reg. $549)

Not sure if this class is right for you?

I'm so ready!

Last Chance for Special Pandemic Pricing!

This class is only offered twice per year, and space is limited.  Register NOW to reserve your spot!

Timing doesn't work this go-round?  Want to be notified the next time I offer this class?  Click here.  

What People Are Saying


Ann Talman - Broadway, Film, & TV Actress, Storyteller, Vocalist

New York, NY

“Not only was Hilary's wonderful class chock full of valuable information and handouts, it was fun!  She is inspiring and knows her craft and the business of it, which is equally important. It was also the first class I ever took virtually, and it was easy and painless. I also made some terrific new friends!"  

Rod Ferguson - Comedian & Cabaret Artist

Boston, MA

"I knew after the first class that my decision to take Hilary’s Cabaret Career Coaching was a great decision!  While I had confidence in the appeal of my comedic cabaret shows, I only had vague notions about how to expand my reach beyond those who already knew me. I learned so much from Hilary’s course, and I now understand exactly what steps I need to take as a cabaret artist to realize my dream of making money off of strangers."

Darcy Cooke - Jazz Vocalist & Cabaret Artist

Washington, DC

“Hilary Feldman’s Complete Cabaret Career Coaching certainly lives up to its title! It is the complete education of anything you ever wanted or needed to know about building a career in cabaret performing.  Hilary uses her own experience as a performer to give you real insight into the craft.  Each of her coaching sessions are engaging, interactive, packed with information, and so much fun! She is incredibly generous with her knowledge and her time. By the time I finished the course, I had a toolkit full of information, a new and better understanding of cabaret, and a new group of friends in this cabaret community. Thank you, Hilary, for such a wonderful experience!” 

KT McCammond - Cabaret Artist

Chicago, IL

“I have been in the music business a long time.  I have a lot of experience on stage. The missing piece in my career has always been my ability to market myself. Hilary’s class has given me the tools I need to make it happen.  Classes are fun, educational, and interactive. Hilary not only provides the opportunity to review classes online at your convenience, but she also includes many templates and examples of the marketing tools necessary to fully pursue a career in the art of cabaret.  I highly recommend taking this class.  It will up our game a couple of really important notches.”

Patti Bottino-Bravo - Cabaret Artist

New York, NY

“I loved everything about Hilary's Cabaret Career Coaching class!  I didn't know how much I didn't know!  Hilary is very generous in sharing her experience and materials which made it easier for me to get in gear. Also, as a person who tends to procrastinate, having the weekly coaching and assignments was very motivating. She covers the creative, technical and business side of our art. I found the class to be eye-opening, engaging, and enjoyable."  

Rob Patrick - Jazz & Cabaret Artist

Washington, DC

“This online class was a breath of fresh air! Hilary is fantastic and provides a wealth of insight and resources important to serious cabaret and jazz vocalists. I highly recommend this course!”

Karen Willough - Cabaret Artist

Chicago, IL

"I've been singing for years I didn't realize how much I didn't know about the business before taking this class. Performing cabaret is different from performing pop, rock, classical, etc. Hilary's class is specific to elevating your cabaret career.  You gain technical knowledge, genre insights, and there are even a few "duh, why didn't I figure that out myself" moments. You get to actually use what you're learning while you're in the class. An added bonus are the new friends and contacts you make."

Oana Odean - Actor, Dancer, Cabaret Artist

Chicago, IL

"I signed up for this course knowing that I wanted to dive into the cabaret business, but without a clue on how to do it. Hilary‘s class is a wealth of information! I had no idea how much I didn’t know. Hilary expertly and generously guides you through the process; from lessons on how to brand and market yourself, to tips on booking venues and choosing sound equipment, she covers it all. The fact that you can learn it all from the comfort of your home is a bonus. I highly recommend this course!"

Constance Martin - Cabaret Artist

Nashville, TN

“I loved taking Hilary's class! It has helped me to feel more clear with theme and story line and the direction that I want to move in.  I now feel more empowered to take the next steps to make it happen. I recommend this course for everyone interested in performing cabaret!”

Caryn Caffarelli - Cabaret Artist

Chicago, IL

“After taking Hilary's class I feel inspired, empowered, and equipped to tackle putting together my own cabaret shows. It was easy to fit into my busy life because it is online, and I was able to do the work in between classes because Hilary gave very clear "homework". I'm so glad I took the class and highly recommend it!”

Amy Lachelt-Basta - Cabaret Artist & Actress

Chicago, IL

“If you are questioning whether you should take this class or not, TAKE IT!  Hilary's class provided so much information and so many tools, all priceless to a newer cabaret artist (and probably to some who’ve been around for awhile!).  By the last class, all my questions were answered!  Wow!  I now have the tools, not only to create more professional shows, but also to market myself professionally and sell my shows to a myriad of venues!  It was very easy to participate on-line, as well as to use the private FB group for on-going conversation. This class is invaluable, and Hilary is a doll!”

Arlene Armstrong - Jazz Vocalist & Cabaret Artist

Chicago, IL

"Having a great voice isn't enough to be successful; Hilary's class teaches you to be a complete, working artist.  Worth every penny!"  

Heather Perram Frank - Cabaret Artist

Washington, DC

"Hilary's class helped me commit more deeply to my cabaret career. If you're ready to take yourself, and your art, seriously, this is the class for you."

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