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The Life and Laughs of Carol Burnett


"I absolutely loved the show!  I've told a few people this in my life, and now I'm telling you: You are the whole package!"

  ~ Carol Burnett, TV Legend & Broadway Star

The world has enjoyed a love affair with Carol Burnett for over fifty years.  Her peerless, fearless character acting and delightful, self-effacing personality made her Lucille Ball’s rightful successor as the red-headed Queen of Television Comedy.  Carol can do it all -- sing, dance, act, make you laugh [Insert Tarzan yell here], and break your heart.  But it was the laughs that led her from hardship and poverty to becoming the shining star that audiences fell head over heels for (often while Carol was doing just that). 


Take a stroll into that famous little circle of light as Hilary, along with pianist/comic foil Beckie Menzie, guides your tour of Carol Burnett’s life and laughs and brings back some of her most memorable characters.  Oh, and laughter is better shared (just ask Tim and Harvey), so be sure to bring a friend!  You’ll be so glad we had this time together!

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