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Vocal Versatility Masterclass

with Hilary Ann Feldman


The more versatile you are as a vocalist, the more marketable you are and, more importantly, the more options you have for expressing yourself.  Sopranos can learn to belt.  Pop singers can learn to sing legit.  Broadway, classical, pop, folk, jazz... what's your pleasure?  You are capable of ALL of it.

What if you could clearly identify the different parts of your vocal instrument and how each part affected your sound?  And what if, simply by setting up those parts in different combinations, you could produce myriads of different sounds and sing convincingly in many different styles?  Wouldn't that be AMAZING?!  Guess what.  You already have all the tools you need to sing in ANY style you wish...  you just have to learn how to use them.

​Drawing primarily from Estill Voice Training (a method based in voice science), along with other established methods, Hilary will show you how to become a more skilled and versatile singer than you ever imagined possible.

WHERE:   DePaul University School of Music in Lincoln Park

WHEN:     Sunday, March 26

TIME:       10am - 5pm (lunch break 12:30 - 1:30p)

FEE:         $95 for singers,  $55 for auditors


  • Admission to the seminar and masterclass

  • An accompanist

  • Workshop materials

  • Free access to support videos and exercise recordings

  • 20% off coupon for 1 private lesson or coaching with Hilary

  • Happy Hour hang out with Hilary after class (location TBD)

Use code 2WEEK10 before

March 12 to get a 10% discount.

Sponsored & Hosted by Claudia Hommel's SongShop

SongShop is a place to work on new songs or breathe new life into old songs; if singing has been a lifelong desire, now's a great time to do so in the company of others with a passion for song.  Whether you're a novice or a veteran, an amateur or a professional, our weekly SongShops offer you a place to work on repertoire and performance skills --sing jazz, cabaret, folk or opera, or pop!   Attend as a "regular". Or "drop in" when you can.

SongShop meets every Tuesday evening at the DePaul School of Music in Lincoln Park.   Saturday afternoon sessions usually take place in Hyde Park and will start up again later in February.  Learn the what-who-how of our work at and register for our Winter Term by visiting the Sessions RSVP page at

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