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Hilary’s highly anticipated debut CD was named Cabaret/Folk CD of the Year (2008) by New York’s Cabaret Hotline.  Performed with skill, creativity, and heart, the CD is a showcase for Hilary’s vocal prowess, musical versatility and inviting style. 


Taking Flight spans from classic songs of Tin Pan Alley to the contemporary standards of Lennon & McCartney and Paul Simon and beyond.  Included in this delicious mix are tunes by Broadway composers, contemporary singer-songwriters, and much more.


Providing the magnificent musical landscape to Hilary’s beautiful watercolor are some of the nation’s top musicians, including the superb Beckie Menzie on piano, Leo Murphy on drums and Scott Mason on bass. 


There are no string sections, no big brass bands, no overproduction on this CD. Listening to Taking Flight, you will hear Hilary much as you would hear her live, performing music she clearly loves in her skilled, but simple, honest way.

Click on a track to purchase a single, or click 'Album' to purchase the entire CD.

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