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The Voice Studio at HAF VoiceWorks

What I Offer

Vocal Coaching for ALL Styles of Singing

Personalized, private instruction aimed at development and vocal versatility.  Learn the different techniques to sing with confidence in any style you wish Legit, Belter, Broadway, Pop, Folk, Jazz.


Vocal Recovery Continuity of Care

Private instruction in conjunction with your medical professionals.  Get from recovery back to optimal voice.  Assurance your recovery is healthy and permanent.

Cabaret Academy

This is an online course is complete cabaret career coaching for the serious cabaret artist. Learn to build it, book it, get butts in seats, and bucks in the bank. Get all you need to be a working cabaret artist.  For more info click here.


Vocal Playground

This online program is designed for professionals, aspiring professionals, and serious hobbyists. More efficient and economical than regular hourly lessons, so you get all the coaching, training, feedback, and accountability you need while saving time and money. For more info click here, then click on Vocal Playground.

Musicianship for Singers

Group Class.  Don’t be scared! Finally connect all those dots on the page, learn the lingo, and discover the musician within! Contact me.

The Sound Savvy Singer

Workshop. Learn sound basics so you’re always sure to sound your best! Contact me if you’d like to be notified the next time I offer this workshop.

My Studio Locations

Live lessons and classes are taught at one of the following locations:

CHICAGO: 5338 W. Lawrence, #210


WHEELING: My home studio (contact me for address).

About Hilary

After a few years in the classical realm, singing with symphony choirs et al, I transitioned into the professional theatre world, where I worked steadily for over a decade.  In 2003, I discovered solo cabaret, my true artistic home, and have enjoyed an active performing life as a soloist ever since.  For more about my performance credentials, click here.

Through it all, I’ve been a teacher and coach.  And, as I believe teachers should be, I have also been a constant student — continually expanding my knowledge of all things voice, mastering different styles of singing, conquering the business and technical aspects of this career — and sharing all I have with my students.  To my 30 years of teaching and 35 years as a professional performing artist, I bring with me degrees in music theory, vocal performance, and music production/recording engineering. 


I work with students on the complete continuum, from functional to optimal — everything from vocal technique and song interpretation, to creating your solo show or landing the part, through booking the gig and signing the contract.  I love solving problems, sharing knowledge, connecting dots, and helping vocalists become the artists they want to be.

What My Students Are Saying

Mike Aljadeff (aka Michal Jade)

Singer/Songwriter/Producer — Los Angeles, CA

“Since working with Hilary, I have worked with some of the world’s most renowned vocal coaches, including the coaches of Beyonce Knowles, Pam Tillis, Everlife, Robert Plant, and many more. I can say, with 100% gratitude and certainty, that voice... well... music lessons with Hilary are by far the most valuable lessons I have had to date.  Hilary doesn’t just educate, rather she teaches students how to educate themselves. She is strikingly honest, confident, and challenging in her methods and continually pushed me further than I thought I could go.”

Laura Freeman

Actress (AEA), Cabaret Artist — Chicago, IL

“I am an Equity Actress and I was cast in a role that, vocally, was a bit out of my comfort zone. I needed a few tips to be healthy and safe singing at the top of my range. Not only did she provide me with great information, but it was things I used right away. It was easy to put all of her advice and adjustments to practice. I feel much more prepared to take on the role ahead.”

Scotty Gryder

Cabaret Artist, Puppeteer, Entertainer — Chicago, IL

“I can’t remember the last time I felt so secure in my voice... and that helps me feel secure in myself! Thru each lesson, I’ve developed my knowledge of the vocal mechanism, and I’ve been given applicable tools to color my voice to help share the mood of any given piece. Hilary truly teaches the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind the ‘what,’ and that rings true to me…literally, in my voice!”

Marianne Murphy Orland

Cabaret Artist, Big Band Vocalist

“By the end of the first session with Hilary, I had already gained a better understanding of the physiology of singing and how it was impacting my vocal production.  Right away, she was able to ‘fix’ one of my issues and show me some entanglements that have kept me from confidently using my upper register for awhile. While Hilary does utilize vocal exercises and assigns necessary practice, we also dove right into a couple of trouble spots in songs I currently perform. Hilary pretty much got me over the humps in one go, so I could improve my performance immediately.  I am so glad I finally decided to take advantage of such an outstanding teacher!”

Jan Slavin

Commedienne and Cabaret Artist — Chicago, IL

“My vocal experience with Hilary Feldman has been nothing short of remarkable. As an “older” singer, I had fallen into many bad habits over the years that wreaked havoc with my voice and prevented me from crossing over from choral and classical work into the world of cabaret. I now have the ability to tell a musical story with a voice that is healthy and much richer. In addition to explaining technique with a clarity I had never before encountered, Hilary helps me make vocal choices that enable me to make a song my own. Thanks to Hilary, I’ll sing well into my golden years!” 

Student Testimonials
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