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How I Help You Become the Artist You Want to Be?

Vocal Technique
for ALL Styles of Singing

Personalized, private instruction aimed at development and vocal versatility.  Learn the different techniques to sing in any style you wish -- Legit, Belter, Broadway, Pop, Folk, Jazz.

Vocal Recovery
Continuity of Care

Private instruction in conjunction with your medical professionals.  Get from recovery back to optimal voice.  Assurance your recovery is healthy and permanent.

Complete Cabaret
Career Coaching

Online class.  Build it, Book it, get Butts in Seats, and Bucks in the Bank.  A class that  teaches you all you need to know to be a working cabaret artist.  Click here for more info.

Musicianship for Singers

Group Class.  Don't be scared!  Finally connect all those dots on the page, learn the lingo, and discover the musician within!

The Sound Savvy Singer

Workshop.  Learn sound basics so you're always sure to sound your best!

FREE Stuff

Video tips and tricks, downloads, articles, and other useful goodies.


About Hilary

After a few years in the classical realm, singing with symphony choirs et al, I transitioned into the professional theatre world, where I worked steadily for over a decade.  In 2003, I discovered solo cabaret, my true artistic home, and have enjoyed an active performing life as a soloist ever since.  [For more about my performance credentials, click here.]

Through it all, I've been a teacher.  And, as I believe teachers should be, I have also been a constant student -- continually expanding my knowledge of all things voice, mastering different styles of singing, conquering the business and technical aspects of this career -- and sharing all I have with my students.  To my 25 years of teaching and nearly 30 years as a professional performing artist, I bring with me degrees in music theory, vocal performance, and music production/recording engineering. 


I work with students on the complete continuum, from functional to optimal -- everything from vocal technique  and song interpretation, to creating your solo show or landing the part, through booking the gig and signing the contract.  I love solving problems, sharing knowledge, connecting dots, and helping vocalists become the artists they want to be.

"I absolutely loved the show!  I've told a few people this in my life, and now I'm telling you: You are the whole package!"

     ~ Carol Burnett, TV Legend & Broadway Star

"... a tour de force of cabaret, opera, and jazz."

     ~Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

"One of the top 5 female musicians in Chicago"

     ~ CBS2 Chicago


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