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Laughing Matters: the Life and Laughs of Carol Burnett

The world has enjoyed a love affair with Carol Burnett for over fifty years.  Her peerless, fearless character acting and delightful, self-effacing personality made her Lucille Ball’s rightful successor as the red-headed Queen of Television Comedy.  Carol can do it all — sing, dance, act, make you laugh [Insert Tarzan yell here], and break your heart.  But it was the laughs that led her from hardship and poverty to becoming the shining star that audiences fell head over heels for (often while Carol was doing just that).  Take a stroll into that famous little circle of light as Hilary, along with pianist/comic foil Beckie Menzie, guides your tour of Carol Burnett’s life and laughs and brings back some of her most memorable characters.  Oh, and laughter is better shared (just ask Tim and Harvey), so be sure to bring a friend!  You’ll be so glad we had this time together!

My Fair Audrey: a Musical Tribute to Audrey Hepburn

When you think of Audrey Hepburn, you think of timeless beauty.  But Audrey was so much more than a pretty face and a killer clavicle.  From WWII refugee to Academy Award winner, from UNICEF beneficiary to UNICEF ambassador, Audrey lead a remarkable and exemplary life.  Actress, fashion icon, wife, mother, and tireless humanitarian, Audrey is as much beloved today as she was half a century ago.  Join acclaimed Chicago cabaret artist, Hilary Ann Feldman for her touching, funny, and enlightening musical tribute to this extraordinary woman.  

Songs That Almost Got Away

The world without Over the Rainbow? Crazy without Patsy Cline? Hard to imagine, but both songs just barely avoided oblivion before hitting their musical mark.  In fact, many of our most valued musical treasures never would have been discovered if it weren’t for the stars aligning just right.  Join Hilary Ann Feldman with Musical Director Beckie Menzie for an evening of almost-lost musical bullion. You’ll love this trove of treasures untold.  How many wonders can one hour hold? [Plenty!]

Hollywood & Broadway: a Fine Romance

Around the time Eddie Cantor was Makin’ Whoopee, a handsome young Hollywood spotted beautiful, old Dame Broadway across a crowded country. He flirted until she could resist no longer. Thus began a beautiful relationship — filled with creativity, challenges, intrigue and, of course, romance — that has lasted nearly a century. Experience Hollywood & Broadway’s unique and remarkable love story, beautifully told through backstage stories, delectable anecdotes, and the best music of both worlds.

BLESsings: Living on Elephant Time

Acclaimed Chicago Cabaret Artist, Hilary Ann Feldman (“... a tour de force of cabaret, opera, and jazz” ~Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune) presents a special, multi-media performance about and for Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES) in central Thailand.  Journey with Hilary and three magnificent Thai elephants as they move from a life of slavery to one of true sanctuary.  Through songs, stories, and projected images, witness as they rediscover their wild selves, form a truly special family unit, and learn to be elephants again.  Learn the life secrets these magical creatures have always known. Discover a place where animals are the teachers and love is love is love.

Setting New Standards: the Great American Songbook Past, Present, and Future

What makes a standard a standard? Why are songs from the Tin Pan Alley era so much a part of the public consciousness? Will songs written in the last 50 years every become so? What songs will those be, and who is writing them? These are the questions explored in Setting New Standards. Including in this remarkable evening of song are standards past (Berlin, Porter, Gershwin) and present (Beatles, Carole King), and perhaps even future (Goldrich & Heisler, John Bucchino).  Put on your time travelin’ cloths, and join Hilary for a fascinating evening of standards through time!

All the Write Women: a Century of Women Songwriters

Everyone knows the names Jerome Kern and Harold Arlen, but almost no one knows the name Dorothy Fields. In a career that spanned over half a century, Dorothy was responsible for the lyrics to over 400 songs, many of which are now standards in our Great American Sonbook. Her story is not unique, but her songwriting couldn’t be more special. Join Hilary for an evening of fascinating stories and marvelous songs celebrating some of the greatest women songwriters of the last century -- known and unknown, young and old -- and their contributions to our American Songbook. Perfect for Women’s History Month (March), but a crowd pleaser any time of year.

I Get a Kick Out of NEW!

Leave your reservations at the door, and embark on a journey of discovery and adventure with acclaimed Chicago cabaret artist, Hilary Ann Feldman, in her captivating tribute to the spirit of exploration and lifelong learning! Celebrate the boundless possibilities of embracing new experiences. From daring escapades to heartwarming tales of personal growth, Hilary invites you to pack your sense of curiosity and wonder and join her for an unforgettable musical odyssey that will inspire, entertain, and remind you that the greatest adventures await those who dare to step out of their comfort zone. 

Holiday Bazaar

Filled with surprises, just as holidays should be, Holiday Bazaar is a sackful of songs to make audiences laugh and cry and hold their loved ones close. A veritable schmorgasbordt of off-the-beaten-path holiday songs (with some good ol’ gems thrown in for good measure), this unique holiday show will not disappoint. Can’t tell you anymore than that... or it’ll ruin the surprise!

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